Sanjay Nayar

Photography has been a journey of evolution and learning throughout my life.

At an early age, photography was a fascination.  Though I did not own a camera, I spent endless hours observing images from old editions of National Geographic Magazine that were few and far between at my convent grade school library in Lucknow, India.  I was intrigued how a mundane scene could be transformed into a vibrant work of art.  Later as I poured through photography books, the fundamentals of this art became theoretically clear.

It was only a matter of time before I met my first love.  As a university student, I was given my first camera, a Minolta X700 on my 21st birthday. I obsessed over this magnificent tool with all its possibilities. Yet soon enough, I understood that the art of creating an image did not just require technical skills, but a vision and style that I had to create.

This was the turning point that deepened my commitment to photography as a lifetime endeavor.  Subsequently, years of experimentation led to practical experience and a deep understanding of concepts that had become my allies in my growth as a photographer.

I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, from wildlife and travel photography with grand landscapes, to intimate portraits that capture a special moment. 

My passion is to "Stage & Create" images for commercial and fashion applications. I am drawn to vibrant colors, aureate light and compelling shapes. It is these elements that continually fuel my passion.

I have been fortunate to win multiple awards, including the Grand Jury Award with the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and a photo contest with National Geographic. My film, "A Second Chance" won the prestigious Gold Addy from the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

I am based out of Washington DC, but available for assignments worldwide.  My background includes a M.B.A. degree, and years of marketing/business analysis experience, primarily in the Information Technology field.  

My passion for photography continues to challenge and inspire me. The possibilities remain endless.