Great time for holiday pictures!

As a second part of our shoot with Chantal, we shot some outdoor images at a nearby park. We were able to take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage before the colors faded away. The soft autumn light was so flattering.

If you are interested to get some great pictures of your self or family for the holidays, please send me a message via the contact page on my website or facebook. The outdoor light these days is just spectacular!

Chantal OD Lights-3309.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3317.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3325.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3326.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3339.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3403.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3417.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3463.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3485.jpg
Chantal OD Lights-3519.jpg